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Varsha Patkar

Hello! I’m Varsha

I have been in private practice as a Psychologist and Counselor in Mumbai for over 15 years. I specialize in Rapid Transformational therapy: a model which applies the most beneficial principles of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and hypnotherapy. Having worked with clients varying from professionals to celebrities, homemakers to students; I help my clients process and deal with issues of anxiety and depression without medication.
I have a client centered approach to therapy which is integrative and holistic. In practice I use a concept I like to call Personalised Medicine. This involves careful planning and selection of the best treatment technique, specifically dependant on the Clients personality & unique set of issues. This approach is flexible and inclusive. I trust the Rapid Transformation therapymodel, which as the name suggests, is quick, very effective and transformative.I believe in providing a safe space for my clients to deal with their traumas and difficulties, as they move ahead in their journey towards healing and fulfilment.

Issues addressed in therapy

Rtt Therapist in Mumbai

*Managing Emotions/Anxiety
*Communication and conflict skills
*Body Image Concerns
*Boundaries in Relationships
*Healing from broken relationships
*Work life balance
*Life Transitions- School/career/family/moving


RTT helps to re-programme your mind, changing negative and destructive beliefs

Individual Therapy

Through this customised plan, we work together one-on-one

Psychometric Evaluation

Assessment of Intelligence (I Q Testing) and more

Workshops / Seminar

A curated self development program based on  RTT principals

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“I used to struggle with anxiety on a day to day basis. I used to panic, get restless even while performing the simplest tasks. There was a lot of confusion regarding why I would react to certain things in a certain way. RTT helped me identify what triggers me in the first place, what instances from my past have led to certain fears and once you can identify these it becomes easier to address these issues. The recordings are great as they remind you daily that you are capable of addressing the issue at hand and how you can deal with it. After my RTT session I have experienced a significant decline in my anxiety, I am able to identify the triggers and either avoid them or react to them differently.”

SM (writer and editor)

“I had approached Varsha as I had anxiety and weight issues. In one session, I discovered the root cause of why I overeat. I also came to know the negative, limiting beliefs I was harbouring that led to feelings of uncertainty and anxiety about my future. This changed my outlook for the better. My appetite also became more controlled and normal the very next day onwards. The personalised transformation recording that I Iistened to for the next 21 days helped me to install positive beliefs in myself. If you are struggling with depression, anxiety, food addiction or some other issues, I would recommend you seek Varsha’s help as this can change and greatly improve your life.” 

Monica O.(47), IT Engineer, Germany

” I have approached Varsha for help with my focus and memory, as I had found they were not reflecting level of my commitment in various area of my life, e.g. I used to read books and forget what I had read the moment I’d turn the page, which was extremely frustrating and was slowing me down professionally. We have worked on-line and Varsha showed great professionalism from the outset. She listened to my concerns, described how the process of getting the understanding behind my issue would work and then guided me with care and confidence to the outcome that left the feeling of freedom and new possibilities ahead of me. I have received personalized recording which I adore, as Varsha skillfully ingratiated my personal insights into it, and she has the most delightful voice that is pleasure to listen to. Highly recommended. “

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you prescribe meds?

I can’t prescribe meds. MDs are able to prescribe medication. I typically recommend seeing a psychiatrist to discuss medication. A psychiatrist is an MD who specializes in psychiatric medication.

Can you tell me about the free consultation?

The call is for you to tell me about your situation and ask me questions about how I work and what methods I would use to help you. It also gives you a sense of my personality and what it’s like talking to me.

By the end of 15 minutes, you should have a good idea of whether or not you want to work with me. The call also gives me information on how I can best meet your needs; if I feel that I’m not the right therapist for you, I will give you an appropriate referral to someone else I think could help you.

What is the science behind the RTT method?

Beta waves are high-frequency, low-amplitude brain waves that are commonly observed in an awaken state. They are involved in conscious thought and logical thinking, and tend to have a stimulating effect. Having the right amount of beta waves allows us to focus. However, being in this constant state of beta is exhausting and can wear you down. So we turn to another kind of brain wave, theta waves, they are slower and they are seen in connection with creativity, intuition, daydreaming, and fantasizing and is a repository for memories, emotions, sensations. Theta waves are strong during internal focus, meditation, prayer, and spiritual awareness. It is a state where tasks become so automatic that you can mentally disengage from them. This can also occur in the shower or tub or even while shaving or brushing your hair The ideation that can take place during the theta state is often free flow and occurs without censorship or guilt. It is typically a very positive mental state.

So this is exactly where hypnosis takes you. By relaxing and being guided by an RTT expert who understands the elements associated with guiding your theta brain waves you can tap into this with a goal and outcome in mind and focus on resolving issues.

Can we do sessions online?

Yes absolutely, RTT is as effective in person and online.

Book a free discovery call on + 91 9137930498

How can I schedule my appointment?

You can contact me by calling, texting, or emailing me to schedule your appointment. I’m easy to get in touch with. I am generally available during my office hours, from 10:00 am-6:00 pm, Monday-Friday. However, you’re welcome to reach out at any time. If I don’t answer, I’ll make sure to get back to you within one business day.

Can therapy help me?

Yes, most certainly it can. It gives you a safe place to deal with your issues and understand the root cause of it. We work together to empower you to be able to deal with this awareness and move on to changing certain beliefs and thereby healing and leading a fulfilling life.

How can I tell if a therapist is a good fit for me?

It’s important to feel like you connect with someone if they’re going to be your therapist.

Another option is to do a little research and see if anyone specializes in the problems that are bringing you to therapy. That can be really valuable. Most therapists offer consultations to determine if they will be a good fit for you. I offer a free 15-minute consultation for people interested in therapy.

How does it feel to be in hypnosis?

As explained above, many times you don’t even know you are going into trance and how ‘deep’ you go differs from person to person and also for the same person day to day. All you need to know is that it is safe as your subconscious will never allow you to do anything that will harm you or not be in your interest.

This process is safe, in your interest and scientifically based.

If my teenager comes to you for therapy will I know what is going on? Will I be involved?

That’s a common question from parents. Yes, you may absolutely be involved, within the limits of informed consent. Parent participation can be one of those key factors in teen counselling. I generally like to keep parents in the loop on the issues we’re addressing, progress, attendance. I imagine these are a lot of the things you probably want to know. Also, it’s important to be able to hear your side of what is going on, since you may have your own unique views regarding your teen’s challenges.

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